basil supreme fusion

At Basil, we invite you to take your taste buds on a journey around the world. Featuring an eclectic menu of borderless cuisine, we offer dishes and flavors for every palate. That means we serve seafood, steak, and shepherd’s pie on the same menu as crispy noodles and curries infused with authentic Southeast-Asian flavors. No matter what culture our dishes hail from, you’ll find that every meal is the start of a culinary adventure. Complement your favorite plates with wine, craft beer, and other sips from our fully stocked bar to turn any occasion into a celebration.

-- Sam & The Basil Family

We Are Permanetley Closed! Thank you for you support over the years. Any inquiries on purchasing and leasing the space basil is in please contact Dayton Budsberg at KPR Brokers (715) 570-4569

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